The priest explained that a professional team has been assigned to assist those who want to file a complaint and provide them with psychological support. In addition, legal advice is given so that the person can formalize their case with the authorities. 

Currently, “all Jesuits living or dead are subject to the public prosecutor’s office,” he noted.

According to Mercado, “there would be four cases, but about three Jesuits … this is what we know,” although he did not specify if this includes some possible victims of Father Pedrajas, who allegedly abused at least 85 minors. 

The Jesuit superior also explained that some investigations that have “concluded and others that are in progress” have been reported to the justice system.

The Society of Jesus provincial emphasized emphatically that the abuse perpetrated by members of his congregation “is not a mistake as some would say, it’s not a fault, it’s not a sin, it’s a crime.”

Mercado said that they will have to study why they occurred, how they were allowed, and that they will seek to be more discriminating when selecting the men who enter the order.